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제목 My collection DWISS!!!
작성자 foxwatch (ip:)
  • 평점 5점  
  • 작성일 2023-03-09
  • 추천 추천하기
  • 조회수 27

I just received my M3W.  I have a few wandering hours in my collection, but the M3W has quickly made it to the top of my list as a favorite.  The quality feels great, it's eye catching, and feels great on the wrist.  The skeleton dial with the wandering hour is definitely bold and looks amazing with the design of the watch.  The lume for the watch is very easy to see and read the time in the dark as well.  The bracelet is very comfortable and quick to adjust.  It is just as fantastically done as I have come to expect from DWISS.  I highly recommend this watch.  I love it!!!  Thanks again for another great addition to my collection DWISS!!!(해외리뷰/ R**** L.)

첨부파일 m3w_블루.jpg
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